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Friday, May 29, 2015 
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  ALAN S. WERNICK is an experienced information technology / intellectual property law attorney, with large law firm and in-house general counsel experience, representing clients in large complex transactions and related IT/IP matters. Since 1982 Alan's practice has concentrated in information technology law and intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, trade secret, licensing law, and data privacy/security.

Alan also writes a monthly column titled "Info Tech Law" for the Chicago Lawyer Magazine. He is a Martindale-Hubbell AV rated attorney and was selected as a Leading Lawyer in Computer & Technology Law.

Services Offered

  • Information technology law and intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, trade secret, licensing law, and data privacy law
  • Handling of large complex technology and intellectual property transactions
  • Strategic counseling of clients in the management of their technology and intellectual capital assets
  • Dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration, mediation, and appeals
  • Serving as an arbitrator or mediator in numerous technology and/or intellectual property disputes

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Featured Content from WERNICK & ASSOCIATES, LTD.
  • Arbitration begins with the contract

    Arbitration, one form of alternative dispute resolution, is an integral part of the fabric of many technology agreements. How an arbitration clause is drafted can have a significant impact in the event of a dispute involving the agreement.

  • E-Discovery - business as usual

    On Dec. 1, 2006, with a change in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, electronic discovery “officially” moved to the top of the agenda in federal court litigation and in the minds of many in the legal and business communities. For some, e-discovery was already old news and an integral part of their legal risk management strategy — where an understanding of the technology and proper planning could go a long way in minimizing the costs of discovery and avoiding e-discovery risks. For others, though, it was a day of stark awakening.

  • Computer Contracts – The Four Corners

    A recent United States District Court case points out some of the difficulties that can arise in a computer contract. The computer contracts were executed in 1991 and a complaint filed in 1995, initiating a lawsuit that was finally resolved by the Court August 31, 2007. The Court awarded judgment against the user for over a million dollars, and the computer vendor then made a claim to recover attorney fees (also in excess of a million dollars).

  • Online Contracts – Take Notice!

    Most Internet sites include a terms and conditions page and a privacy statement page (indeed some jurisdictions mandate these by statute as required if the site can be viewed by citizens of that jurisdiction). Assume that a website follows best practices with its terms and conditions page and sets forth a reasonably sophisticated online agreement. When can unilateral changes to these online contracts be binding? This question was recently addressed by two different courts, resulting in two different outcomes turning on one critical fact - notice

  • DMCA Provides Pitfalls and Remedies

    This article discusses a recent case where Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices were sent by a copyright owner that resulted in a preliminary injunction against the copyright owner, stopping the copyright owner from sending further takedown letters without court approval.

  • Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions - The Prepared Seller

    Whether you are a business owner looking to groom your business for an eventual sale or a buyer looking to acquire a business that will add value to your existing business efforts, an understanding of the information technology and intellectual property law risks in the merger and/or acquisition is critical. Delving slightly deeper than the standard due diligence, this article suggests several items to include on your checklist of issues for the seller's due diligence.

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