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Sunday, May 24, 2015 
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Authentify, Inc.


Company Information


Authentify, Inc.



  Authentify, Inc. provides out-of-band authentication services that enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively provide user authentication during an Internet session. Using an automated, real-time phone call placed to the user involved in an online transaction, Authentify ensures that deployment of e-Security is practical for
business and easy for consumers. The company's patented process seamlessly integrates into existing online processes that have been developed for e-business, secure information access, and the distribution of security credentials. The Authentify solution provides a trusted, easy-to-use method of providing online security for some of
the largest applications on the Internet.

Services Offered

  • Out-of-Band Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Protection for High Risk Online Transactions
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Corporate Security Solutions
  • Identity and Access Management

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Featured Content from Authentify, Inc.
  • Strong Out-of-Band Authentication for e-Payment Services and Payment Gateways

    Current security best practices have rapidly evolved from simple username and password strategies of the past. In today's environment, it is safe to assume that any information traded over an Internet connection can be easily obtained by someone intent on committing online fraud. This white paper discusses Authentify's practical, out-of-band method of securing an online session using the telephone, a device outside of the fraudster's control. The result is a practical, intuitive way to authenticate online users in real-time, without the need of additional devices, software or training.


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