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Friday, May 22, 2015 
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Best Practices for Mobility in Wireless Cell Phones and PDAs


By Jim Carroll, President and CEO, BBR Wireless Management


Wireless technology makes today’s global supply chain enterprise more flexible and better able to respond to changing markets and aggressive competition. In the past decade, these devices and their applications have transformed supply chain management – making it leaner, more productive and more in tune with customer preferences and expectations.

An independent research group recently estimated that the average annual total cost of ownership (TCO) for wireless devices is between $2,500 and $3,000 per device*, per year. Multiply that cost across any multi-site enterprise, and the impact on supply chain management and IT costs can be dramatic.

There’s also a significant risk of these costs going up. Consider the experience of one major North American manufacturer: Their wireless device platform inventory listed 900 units; after three years, 250 of the devices – close to 30%! – are unaccounted for.

However, the potential savings from the proper wireless device management approach can also be dramatic: from 10% to 15% of TCO, with a potential return of $150 to $250 per device.

Effective wireless device management should provide an integrated process and a range of implementation options to match business requirements. There are several core issues that every management plan should address.

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