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Thursday, May 28, 2015 
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Selecting a Web Conferencing Product

A Premiere Global Services White Paper


Across North America and the world, economic conditions are driving business leaders to critically evaluate all facets of their business to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In this process, adoption of collaboration technologies is often identified as a necessary means of reducing travel costs and leveraging expertise across an organization without geographic limitation. With current estimates of roughly 30% market penetration (Wainhouse Research) there are many potential users and organizations who are not yet utilizing these powerful technologies. This document is not intended to provide a detailed analysis on the business case for deploying web conferencing tools. It is instead offered to allow our audio conferencing customers to leverage the extensive experience provided by Premiere Global Services 10 plus years in the collaboration space to provide a high level overview of the feature, technology, and pricing drivers to help guide decision makers through the product selection process.

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