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Saturday, May 30, 2015 
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VoIP Conferencing:The Next Stage of Service Innovation

A Premiere Global Services White Paper


This white paper illustrates the critical advantages of Premiere Global Services' new VoIP Conferencing system by examining the following topics:

  • Traditional Audio Conferencing. This section describes the typical audio conferencing service widely deployed today so that we can see how the PGI technology addresses inherent issues in these systems.
  • What is VoIP. The term Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has many different meanings depending on the context. This section describes how VoIP works in the context of audio conferencing.
  • A VoIP Conferencing System. The perceived simplicity of establishing an ondemand conference call is made possible by a multitude of machines and software performing a complex set of inter-related operations.
  • Core Customer Requirements. The user of an audio conference service has specific demands that must be satisfied for a quality user experience.
  • The Future of VoIP Conferencing. Insights into some of the new capabilities coming out of the R&D labs at PGI.

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