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Sunday, May 24, 2015 
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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) - Why You Shouldn't Manage Your Indirect Channel with CRM and Spreadsheets

A Requisite Software White Paper


Across almost all industries, vendors have come to rely on a network of indirect channel partners to sell and support their products. As the number of these channel partners grow, the ability of vendors to manage the day to day activities associated with an extensive network of indirect business partners becomes increasingly more diffi cult. Vendors who are diffi cult to conduct business with and do not provide partner success focused processes will see a loss of mindshare, loss of revenue opportunities and loss of customers.

One approach that some vendors are using to manage their indirect channels is to adapt standard ‘one-size fi ts all’ customer-focused applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for this task. These solutions were originally designed to provide support for internal vendor needs, making them ill-equipped to support the unique and dynamic business requirements that are at heart of the vendor-partner relationship.

More importantly, customer-focused applications rely on far too many manual administrative tasks such as processing paper-based forms or waiting for decision responses that lengthen cycles to time-sensitive channel-specifi c business requirements. This adds greater amounts of time and higher administrative costs that ultimately kill business deals and impact bottom line profi tability.

True integration between vendor and channel partners can only be achieved via the implementation of a dedicated, “end-to-end” partner relationship management (PRM) solution. A solution specifically designed to address the unique business, customer, and legal requirements associated with complex vendor-partner relationships.

An end-to-end PRM solution provides vendors with insight into critical processes while facilitating access to essential sales/support information that channel partners need to close business opportunities - providing a signifi cant competitive advantage by paving the way for both parties to collectively meet their planned revenue goals.

This white paper attempts to identify the specifi c business challenges that result from the implementation of conventional customer-focused applications for partner channel management. It will also compare how ‘end-to-end’ PRM solutions provide superior support for the specific requirements associated with this unique business relationship.

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