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Friday, May 22, 2015 
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Prospecting: The First Step to Sales Success

A Selection Strategies Whitepaper


All sales leaders are faced with a common challenge that will ultimately dictate their success or failure – how do I effectively build, manage and maintain a high-performing sales team? There are many variables that factor into the overall equation for sales success and we’ll examine the key components that have the greatest impact on determining sales team success and how you can leverage them.

In this White Paper, we’ll look closely at sales best practices and the impact on hiring, that is, we’ll be discussing those activities and tasks a sales organization should be performing to be considered best-in-class as well as the competencies required of management and each sales representative to allow them to perform at that level.

This is one of the most critical issues facing any sales organization. Besides, while always a challenge, the current economic conditions make it more acute and place even greater emphasis on demand creation and economy of effort. It’s critically important that a sales organization use its time and resources wisely to pursue those opportunities with the highest probability of success. In expanding on the theme throughout this paper we’re identified several elements of this best practice.

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