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Tuesday, May 26, 2015 
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The Roadmap to Success: How Best-In-Class Sales Organizations use On-Boarding to Accelerate Revenue

A Selection Strategies Whitepaper



The top 20% best-in-class companies with an effective on-boarding process showed over a 3x (60% vs. 19%) advantage in time-to-productivity reduction when compared to other companies.
All Aboard: Effective On-boarding Techniques and Strategies, Aberdeen Group, January, 2008

What is effective on-boarding? Why is it particularly important to sales organizations? How do you "operationalize" it?

In this white paper, we will answer these questions as well as provide tools (see the last page of this paper in order to request a "Starter Kit") and a practical guide on how to develop an effective onboarding program for new sales people. Although successful on-boarding principles apply to all parts of the organization, because we’re concerned with sales best practices this paper will take a narrower view. The enormous potential impact of this program on the productivity of newly hired sales reps makes their successful on-boarding particularly imperative.

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