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Monday, May 25, 2015 
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Unplug…at Your Own Risk

A Trillium Solutions Group White Paper


Imagine that you are in charge of unplugging, moving, upgrading or restoring the servers on which the businesses core applications and data reside…all while maintaining seamless and uninterrupted technology and data services to your business or your business clients.

Palms sweaty yet?

What would happen if the business couldn’t find and fulfill orders? If you lost access to receivables? If you couldn’t pay your employees? If sensitive HR, financial or client data became exposed to outsiders? If you could not send or receive an email or a phone call? How’s that migraine doing?

In today’s “real time” world, instant access to core applications and data is essential to keep competition at bay and to meet the ever increasing demands of your customers. Transitioning your IT environment can be tricky business. The moving, upgrading, or restoring of the technology infrastructure you have come to rely on can expose you and your customers to major risks. Following the right approach can help mitigate those risks.

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