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Friday, May 22, 2015 
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Balancing Supply and Demand in IT

A Compuware White Paper


In recent years, IT executives and their business peers have begun to define their interrelationship in terms of the supply and demand model. Many enterprises looking to operate more cost-effectively and gain business value from IT are evaluating the supply and efficiency of IT services delivered. They’re also realizing they need to manage demand more effectively as well. Their goal: Find balance—a point of equilibrium—where the ability to deliver services satisfies the business need.

But therein lies the crux of the problem: Business demand for IT has always exceeded the IT organization’s supply of resources, despite best efforts to evaluate and prioritize requests and optimize resource allocation.

This white paper examines a means to achieving a workable point of equilibrium between the demands of the enterprise and the services an IT organization can supply. Using the supply-and-demand model to define this relationship, we’ll discuss the benefits—and the challenges—of managing each side of the equation. We’ll then describe a balanced approach that uses managerial processes and automation to provide increased transparency into the work of IT, and alignment with business objectives and priorities. Ultimately, this balanced approach allows IT executives to collaborate more effectively with their business counterparts and deliver on their needs.

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