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Saturday, May 30, 2015 
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Data Migration Management: Sustaining Data Integrity After the Go-Live

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Historically, it is an unfortunate fact for many companies that data migration projects were often found to be fraught with risk had delayed go-live events, and resulted in costly budget overruns with lots of finger-pointing. A frequently overlooked aspect of any new ERP deployment is the integrity of the data which the ERP or business application executes against.

For many projects, data migration is often one of the last priorities, and systems integrators will often defer to the client to assure the integrity of the data file for loading into ERP. In general, legacy data is passed through and passed over as a file for loading into the new system; indeed data migration is often viewed as simply transferring data between systems. Yet the business impact can be quite significant and detrimential to business continuity when proper data management is not applied during its migration. Without a thorough review and understanding of the business processes and reporting considerations of how all the data will be consumed, it is likely that history will repeat itself.

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