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Saturday, May 23, 2015 
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Launching Your MDM/Data Governance Initiative...how to frame it for success

A Utopia Webcast


Securing initial, positive results on your MDM and Data Governance project is critical to your long-term Enterprise Data Management (EDM) success. Setting the proper project boundaries and scope, along with establishing a multi-phase roadmap is essential to managing what can otherwise be a Herculean effort. A data governance initiative also needs to win appropriate business sponsorship and develop a roadmap to completion for a successful outcome. This presentation will describe the results a global mining company achieved once they were able to align their strategic data management objectives, with a relevant, resultsoriented, pragmatic EDM roadmap. Using our approach they were able to deliver early demonstrable results and gain momentum. This allowed them to take a corporate initiative from an enterprise ”PUSH” to a company-wide “PULL” initiative.

In this Webinar you will learn…

  • How to carve up your strategic objective into manageable phases, focused on tangible results with line-of-sight to your EDM efforts
  • Importance of aligning your EDM initiative to the business goals and objectives and winning executive sponsorship
  • Approach to gaining business user input and developing an actionable roadmap
  • How to establish decision criteria to ensure project phases are focused on high-value, visible results that the rest of the organization would like to replicate

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