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Monday, May 25, 2015 
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Software and system development with the IBM Measured Capability Improvement Framework

An IBM Whitepaper by Per Kroll, Chief Solutions Architect, Measured Capability Improvement Framework, and Murray Cantor, PhD, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Rational CTO Office


The transformation to a smarter world relies on the ability to deliver software and systems, an increasingly important business process for virtually all enterprises. There is ongoing pressure to improve the business process of software and system delivery as it is becoming increasingly complex, with a need to support a multitude of models, such as packaged application development, outsourcing arrangements, distributed development, and enterprise modernization.

Unlike most other business processes, such as supply chain management or manufacturing, SSD needs to deal with a range of risk. SSD also differs from many other business processes in that it entails a diseconomy of scale: that is, individual productivity decreases with the size of the SSD effort.

In this paper, we describe how to govern the software and system delivery function to ensure favorable ROI by introducing a control framework that enables reasoning about those practices that work and those that don’t. Using this framework permits us to effectively manage risk or innovation and diseconomy of scale, and to understand the effectiveness of difference development models.

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