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Sunday, May 24, 2015 
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Optimizing Business Decisions and Processes:Global 360 Business Process Management and Corticon Business Rules

A Global 360 White Paper


Typical business processes often require making mission-critical decisions, which are handled both in an automated and manual fashion. The rules that dictate these processes are often found in different sources, ranging from legacy systems to hard copy manuals. This creates process lag and room for errors. Businesses are finding that merging business processes and rules offers an agile approach to supporting business goals.

Business rules management systems are designed to separate process and rules logically so they can be managed independently. This brings agility and reduces both costs and operational risk. Global 360 has partnered with Corticon Technologies to merge the capabilities of their business rules systems management with Global 360’s BPM Solutions. The result is rules-empowered process management that supports the dynamics of enterprise activities.

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