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Thursday, May 28, 2015 
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PMO 2.O: Balancing Resource and Financial Capacities with Demand

Part 2 in a series

by Terry Doerscher
Chief Solution Architect
Planview, Inc.


Traditional project management techniques alone are no longer enough to effectively manage today’s fast moving, technology-oriented service organizations.

To remain relevant, the PMO must go beyond project or even portfolio management to embrace changes in demand as it relates to capacity (both organizational and financial) across all types of work and throughout the enterprise. Only then can an organization achieve a holistic view of the people, funding, and work needed to meet objectives.

In this installment, PMO 2.0: Balancing Resource and Financial Capacities with Demand, Mr. Doerscher discusses the basic relationships of supply and demand in a knowledge worker environment. We will look at how inbound demand can be managed regardless of work type, how to take a broader view of managing resource and financial capacities, and how the specific dynamics behind today’s evolving business environment impacts the supply and demand equation.

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