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Friday, May 29, 2015 
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Automate your business processes with flexible forms, portals and process-based solutions from IBM

An IBM White Paper


It’s more important than ever to have a flexible and dynamic infrastructure that allows you to create new, custom business processes and to leverage your existing processes more cost-effectively. What’s more, users need to have access to the right information and business processes to complete their human-facing workflow tasks more efficiently. This means that organizations of all sizes need to be able to extend custom business processes to employees, customers and partners, while preserving the context of their information applications and data—and managing their costs.

The most effective approach to business process automation, one that’s based on an open, scalable architecture, can help you:

  • Simplify daily maintenance and operations, reducing costs.
  • Expand the reach of existing applications and processes to a wider set of users, including customers and partners.
  • Direct the right users to the right tasks.
  • Reduce users’ reliance on support staff to manage their interactions with application data.
  • Help increase employee productivity, customer loyalty and the lifetime value of customer and business partner relationships.
  • Efficiently integrate data with existing systems, reducing data entry errors and improving efficiency.

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