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Sunday, May 24, 2015 
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Application Consolidation and Decommissioning Projects: Strategies that Deliver ROI

An IBM Optim White Paper


Organizations rely on a myriad of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), custom and packaged applications to collect and manage the critical business information that drives daily operations. As the business evolves, organizations often face the need to update older technology, consolidate and decommission applications, and simplify the supporting IT infrastructure to eliminate redundancy and lower costs.

As a recommended best practice, organizations need to evaluate application portfolios regularly to determine whether their investment is delivering maximum business value. Weighing the costs and benefits of each application can help when deciding which applications should be maintained, and which applications should be upgraded, replaced, consolidated or decommissioned. In many cases, the review, evaluation and decision process can lead to significant hardware, software and maintenance cost savings, as well as improved operational efficiencies. For example, in cases where critical business data is scattered among several application instances, consolidation offers advantages in promoting consistency and improving efficiency. In cases where organizations have redundant or older technology that is no longer delivering business value, decommissioning offers advantages in removing a system, application, database or hardware platform from service, or retiring some combination of these resources, to lower infrastructure costs and mitigate operational risks. However, in both of those scenarios, the question remains as to how organizations can ensure access to historical business data that must be retained.

Incorporating database archiving as part of an overall information governance strategy can facilitate consolidation and decommissioning projects and help ensure that business goals are reached. Database archiving enables IT executives to safely remove historical data from the application or system being consolidated or decommissioned, while keeping the data accessible. Archived data can be saved to a variety of storage media, based on its business value and access requirements. Information governance solutions that offer proven databa searchiving and retrieval capabilities help organizations to improve data management and support the successful completion of application consolidation and decommissioning projects. This white paper explains how an information governance strategy that includes the database archiving capabilities of the IBM®InfoSphere™ Optim™ Data Growth Solution can help increase the business value of your enterprise applications and simplify your IT infrastructure to garner significant savings.

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