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Monday, May 25, 2015 
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Why is Business-IT Alignment so Difficult?

A Scenario Systems White Paper


In today's highly competitive business environment, CEOs view growth as a key to business success. Growth is attained with planned strategies and by exploiting opportunities. It is important that IT infrastructure respond rapidly to changing business priorities so that it can handle business growth. Among their greatest challenges for CIOs is aligning IT with business goals and prioritizing the demands of business units and key stakeholders.

CFOs also rate the alignment between IT and business goals within their companies as one of the most critical responsibilities to ensure success. Yet most CFOs describe the alignment of business and IT as weak. Why is alignment so hard to achieve? What must happen to achieve the perfect alignment of IT and business goals?

Business leaders are responsible for three principles and everything they do in business serves one or more of them.

  1. Top-line growth
  2. Bottom-line efficiency
  3. Risk management IT

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